belly dance london
belly dance london



Dance Body Mind is a dance school based in London that brings women of different ages, backgrounds and professions together through dance. Regardless of their experience or ability, every student is given the chance to shine through regular stage performances in top venues across London. 

Since 2020, due to the COVID emergency, the school has moved online and has branched outside the UK  with students coming from all around the world

The  dance body mind.s primary focus is to empower women. It's aim: to give women the confidence in themselves to go out and perform on stage. Its founder Claudia Massera strives to create a fun, exciting and supportive teaching environment for her students. Her choreographies are as beautiful and as sexy as they are! 

Traditionally a belly dance school, Dance Body Mind has now branched into multiple dance styles including Hip Hop, Latin and Ballet. However, the influence of belly dance remains strong, where new styles are taught with belly dance technique, bringing this ancient dance into the modern world. ​





Claudia Massera, founder and owner of the esteemed dance school Dance Body Mind, is on a mission to make the world dance. Raised in Rome, Claudia classically trained as a singer and dancer from a young age. It was her mother, a theatre producer, who inspired her talent and had her performing on stage from 5 years old.


Needing a bigger platform, Claudia left Italy at 18 to pursue her dreams for performing in London. It was there that her love affair with Bellydance began. Discovered after a stint of performing with her band ALMALOCA, Claudia trained in bellydance in courses both in London and Egypt with tutors including Raqia Hassan, Dina Jillian and Suhaila Salimpour. While at a Lebanese wedding, Claudia unexpectedly watched another guest stand up during one of the performances, wrap a scarf around her hips and release a power that enchanted the whole audience - dancing with a state of beauty, power and self-worth that is so commonly forgotten among women. For Claudia, it was beautiful and moving. And it was in that moment that Claudia felt pulled to her purpose - to help women remember and express that ancient wisdom inside of them- one of power, beauty and unconditional self-love.

As a result, Dance Body Mind is so much more than a school, as Claudia's true aim is to teach her students how to reawaken their natural rhythm, and to give them the confidence and the sensuality to dance to the beat of their own drums!


Dance Body Mind is on a mission to make the world dance, regardless of age, shape, size or dance ability. It's about true empowerment from the inside out., and that begins with expanding the brand with more classes around the country. Claudia also owns a small label with The Next Room, who co-produce and remix tracks for Dance Body Mind shows and workouts. And after 5 years of exceptional growth from her classes and shows, Claudia is also developing two new projects: the first is a cutting edge dance fitness workout that combines Mediterranean rhythms with a London sound; and the second is The Power of Women Now, a platform dedicated to showcasing female power not only through dance, but also through poetry, music, spoken word and so much more.


In Claudia's words, "We have one life to live....make it fun, beautiful, and inspiring....and have the courage to say yes to your heart!"