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Join us for our ONLINE DBM® LEVEL 1 BELLY DANCE TEACHER TRAINING THIS ONLINE COURSE is is self-study, self-paced and comprises approx 10 hours of video content It has been developed & designed in a format that breaks down each muscular isolation for each bellydance movements, incorporating stretching, muscle toning and isolations from western dance, Pilates and fitness. In this format we created a unique bellydance exercise regime that is safe, strong, effective and fun At Dance Body Mind (DBM) we consider belly dancing (or Raqs Sharqi – dance of the East ) more than just a dance. In the DBM format you will discover that on top of being an incredible fitness workout, belly dancing is a much wider & multidimensional journey, it is a TOTAL WORKOUT for the BODY and the MIND. By applying all the guidelines laid out in this manual on both the class format, teaching formulas, movements breakdowns and the philosophy behind Dance Body Mind, you will be creating an experience in which your students will not only be “working out” but they will be “working in”, strengthening their mind and their body as a whole. This course has TWO KEY OBJECTIVES: 1. To give you an OVERVIEW of the Dance Body Mind philosophy 2. To give you all the foundation THEORY & breakdown MOVES of belly dancing This course is divided into FIVE DIFFERENT SECTIONS: 1. THE DANCE 2. THE BODY 3. THE MIND 4. THE SECRET TO START YOUR BUSINESS AND NOW LET'S START!

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