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Level 1 Belly Dance Teacher Training

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TEACHER TRAINING LEVEL 1 Welcome to Dance Body Mind Level 1 Belly Dance Teacher Training Course DISCOVERING THE ART OF BELLY DANCE Welcome to the foundational stage of your journey with Dance Body Mind Belly Dance Teacher Training Course! This Level 1 module is designed to provide you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to embark on a fulfilling and enriching career as a belly dance instructor. This course is divided into FOUR DIFFERENT SECTIONS: 1. THEDANCE 2. THE BODY 3. THE MIND 4. THE SECRET TO STARTING YOUR BUSINESS PART 1 – THE DANCE The philosophy behind Dance Body Mind History of belly dance Class Format Teaching formula Welcome and Introduction Dynamic Warm-up Drills: Upper Body and Lower Body Drills Travelling steps: Learn Level 1 compulsory 10 Travelling Steps Technique: Learn all Level 1 compulsory isolations (Shoulders isolations, Chest isolations, Gluteus isolations, Vertical Hips isolations on the UP, Pelvic isolations, Horizontal Hips Isolations & Basic Shimmy) Choreographies Cool Down. Musicality Timing & Phrasing Cueing 5 Arabic Rhythms: Baladi, Saidi, Malfuf, Maqsoum & Fallahi PART 2 – THE BODY An intro to anatomy & physiology for belly dance PART 3 – THE MIND A Brief Introduction to Belly dance & Chakra. BONUS: Chakra Belly Dance full course PART 4 – THE SECRET TO STARTING YOUR BUSINESS How to start your career Defy the WHY, the WHO and the HOW Business Employment, Service Rates and Marketing Materials

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