Dance Body Mind is a dance school based in Camden London that brings women of different ages, backgrounds and professions together through dance. Regardless of their experience or ability, every student is given the chance to shine through regular stage performances in top venues across London. 

The  school's primary focus is to empower women. It's aim: to give women the confidence in themselves to go out and perform on stage. Its founder Claudia Massera strives to create a fun, exciting and supportive teaching environment for her students. Her choreographies are as beautiful and as sexy as they are! 

Traditionally a belly dance school, Dance Body Mind has now branched into multiple dance styles including Hip Hop, Latin and Ballet. However, the influence of belly dance remains strong, where new styles are taught with belly dance technique, bringing this ancient dance into the modern world. ​



Dance Body Mind is more than a dance school It's a workout for your body, mind and soul, but it is also a FAMILY where we encourage and affirm one another and we learn to be comfortable in our own skin.'

(Jody Stowell)

I've never been fitter or PROUDER OF MY BODY and all it can do! I can feel myself getting better with every term and the classes are targeted at getting the technique right and translating that into your own personal style.

(Pauline Brooks)

Dance Body Mind is a great platform for any woman to unleash their INNER QUEEN! Lead by Claudia, who is such an empowering positive woman, allowed me to reach another level of confidence. She really puts her heart into each student to develop them all! Thank you Dance Body Mind for pushing me to new limits


This is MY THERAPY!! I've had issues with my body image for a long time but what dance body mind  does for me is it removes those feelings I have and I feel amazing sexy and beautiful and when Im on stage I forget about the crowd and just dance with all the passion I have inside me. 

(Cynthia Obeng) 

I'll never forget this place and I look forward to MANY MORE YEARS of inspiration and self discovery!

(Sara Casique) 

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