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Kash is a DBM Certified Belly dance Teacher. 



IN STUDIO: 8 WEEKS BELLYDANCE COURSE starts Thursday 6TH October 7pm 

ONLINE: Sunday at 11am on zoom

Price: DROP IN £12 or £90 FULL COURSE

Teacher: Kashmir Singh

Address: Fitness First, Bishopsgate, London EC2N 4AJ, UK

Contact: 07712692094

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My Story

My name is Kash, and I’m a bellydancer.

Like most people I started my bellydance journey in front of my bedroom mirror and for years

I was really intimidated by the idea of actually going to a class.

Fast forward to now, I get to share my passion with women online and in person

I have performed across the UK and US and even  danced through the streets of New York

as part of the annual New York Dance Parade. 


Bellydance really transformed my life, it helped me overcome a lot of shame I had around my body,

it brought me a lot of confidence and it also has allowed me to meet so many amazing women

all over the world too.

So I hope it will have a similar positive impact on you! 


My classes are focused on letting loose, enjoying your body and shimmying away some stress

whilst still giving you a good workout!

Ready to embark on this incredible journey?

Register for one of my classes today.

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