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LYNDSEY MAY - Merseyside, UK

Lyndsey is a DBM Certified Belly dance Teacher. 


Classes: Tuesday 7pm - Wednesday 5.45 & 6.45 - Thursday 7pm

Price: £5 per session

Teacher: Lyndsey May

Address: Silhouette Dance Club, Boundary Road, St Helens ,

Merseyside, WA10 2LP

Contact: 07572066365

Facebook: Starry Eyed Belly Dancing St Helens.

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My Story

With a deep passion for dancing, Lyndsey has  always danced since being a young girl starting with tap, ballet, modern & jazz.


She has competed in ballroom and Latin and recently qualified as a belly dance teacher with the DBM School. 


"I have always loved belly dance. It reminds me of what an amazing woman I am, it allows me to move freely and creatively as well as challenging me to move my body in ways I never thought it could. With my work as a well-being therapist it brings a new element to my healing sessions as I can bring together chakra healing with dance."

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