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"A platform for mothers and female entrepreneurs
to fall in love with themselves, embody their feminine power,

attract their dream relationship
and create a life they desire"


Are you a woman seeking empowerment, inspiration, and a safe space
to discuss the unfiltered truths of womanh
ood and motherhood?
Look no further!

 Welcome to InspireHer
the groundbreaking podcast that celebrates the

strength, vulnerability, femininity, creativity,
resilience, and dreams of women just like you.


 "InspireHer" is an unapologetically honest podcast dedicated to supporting women
during various stages of life, especially new moms and those aspiring
to pursue their dream careers fearlessly.

We believe in breaking barriers and shattering stereotypes.

Our mission is to create a community where women can be

their authentic selves, free from societal expectations and judgments.

At "InspireHer," we believe in dreaming big and unconditionally

supporting each other along the way.

We strive to ignite a spark within every listener, helping them embrace

their unique journey and potential.

We aim to empower women to challenge the norms,

overcome challenges, and seize opportunities they may have once deemed impossible.

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I have always been interested in empowering others and supporting them in sparking change in their lives.

I am a qualified art psychotherapist and mindset coach, my practice had taken many exciting avenues.

My work is about supporting you

in rediscovering yourself,

unlocking your true potential

and connecting with your creativity.

Through working together my aim is to help you to recognise patterns and habits in your life that may be keeping you stuck, finding ways to safely express and connect with your emotions, and support you in becoming empowered and inspired.

Outside of my private practice I have years of experience working as an art psychotherapist in a variety of hospital and mental health settings. I have a particular interest in working with those who experience psychosis and providing family and carer support.

Alongside this, I also run workshops for staff teams working in Psychiatric Rehabilitation and inpatient settings. The workshops integrate art psychotherapy approaches within a psycho-educational framework to support team members to reflect creatively on the experience and impact of working with clients with complex needs and presentations.

I have availability to work with individuals and teams for clinical supervision, team away days and reflective practice.



Giada is the CEO and founder of Goddess Elements.


Giada Tramonti works internationally as an Intuitive Energy healer, Love & Relationship Coach, and a Belly Dancer. 


She is passionate about empowering successful women from staying stuck and unfulfilled in their relationships and unsuccessful dating patterns to become confidents, irresistible, magic, sensual High Valuable Queen.


As an Energy Healer of over 8 years, she has witnessed women stepping into their worth, self-love and value to attract a healthy and loving Soulmate love, to awaken their Feminine Energy to freely express their authenticity, shift their spiritual consciousness, achieve a deep transformation and healing and attract a devotional masculine love.


She has also helped women to release emotional imbalance and blocks, anxiety and fears so that they could finally live their life on a soul led level.



Claudia is a

 certified wellness and life coach,

professional dancer & choreographer,

personal trainer, crystal healer,

NLP practitioner


also founder of

Dance Body Mind & MEDANZ

A 15+ year entertainer, women empowerment advocate and self made "entrepreneur of the art" with a burning passion for the language of the body...DANCE!

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