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Level 2 Belly Dance Teacher Training


TEACHER TRAINING LEVEL 2 Welcome to Dance Body Mind Level 2 Belly Dance Teacher Training Course EXPANDING YOUR BELLY DANCE EXPERTISE Building upon the foundation laid in Level 1, our Level 2 Belly Dance Teacher Training Course is designed to elevate your expertise and expand your repertoire as a belly dance instructor. Level 2 delves deeper into the art and science of belly dance, empowering you to guide your students through more advanced techniques and choreographies. COURSE OBJECTIVES: 1. More Advanced Movement Exploration: Explore intricate isolations, layering techniques, travelling steps with hipwork and dynamic combinations that add sophistication to your dance vocabulary. 2. Cultural Immersion: Explore a diverse range of Egyptian belly dance styles, including but not limited to: • Baladi: • Saidi: • Classical Raqs Sharqi: • Egyptian Cabaret Style: • Shaabi: • Mejance: • Mahragan: 3. Musicality Mastery: Refine your ability to interpret various rhythms and musical nuances, enhancing your capacity to create captivating choreographies. 4. Choreography Creation & Improvisation: Develop the skills to craft engaging and dynamic belly dance choreographies, incorporating advanced movements and storytelling elements. 5.Building Your Basic Website: Step-by-step guidance on selecting a domain, designing layouts, and creating content that effectively represents your brand.

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