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Level 2 Belly Dance Teacher Training Timed

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LEVEL 2 BELLY DANCE TEACHER TRAINING EXPANDING YOUR BELLY DANCE EXPERTISE Building upon the foundation laid in Level 1, our Level 2 Belly Dance Teacher Training Course is designed to elevate your expertise and expand your repertoire as a belly dance instructor. Level 2 delves deeper into the art and science of belly dance, empowering you to guide your students through more advanced techniques and choreographies. COURSE HIGHLIGHT 1. More Advanced Movement Exploration: - Intricate isolations (Maksun Step, 3/4 up and down/Hagallah Step and variations, Jewel and more) - Layering techniques - Travelling steps with hipwork - Dynamic combinations that add sophistication to your dance vocabulary - Belly dance prop: veils and fan veils 2. Cultural Immersion: Explore a diverse range of Egyptian belly dance styles, including but not limited to: Baladi, Saidi, Classical Raqs Sharqi, Egyptian Cabaret Style, Shaabi, Mejance 3. Musicality Mastery & Egyptian legendary singers & dancers: Egyptian belly dance is celebrated for its mastery of movement, musicality, and the iconic figures who have shaped its rich history and evolution. Dance Mastery: From the graceful elegance of Samia Gamal to the dynamic energy of Tahiya Karioka and the innovative choreography of Naima Akef, these legendary dancers exemplified mastery in Egyptian belly dance during its Golden Era. Their performances set a standard for technique, expression, and storytelling in both Egyptian cinema and cabarets. Musicality Mastery: The emotive songs of Um Kulthum, the romantic ballads of Abdel Halim Hafez, and the innovative compositions of Mohammed Abdel Wahab provided the soundtrack for belly dance, enhancing performances with their melodic richness and poetic lyrics. These legendary singers and composers continue to be revered for their profound influence on Egyptian music and dance. Legendary Figures: Explore the artistry of legendary Egyptian singers and dancers, including Mahmoud Reda, Dina, Fifi Abdo

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