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A Dance Journey To Self Love

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A Dance Journey To Self Love

We are delighted to introduce you to a forthcoming production

that transcends the realms of a typical dance performance

it's a profound celebration

of self-love, empowerment,

and the embrace of authenticity


dance, monologues and powerful visual storytelling.


Our journey begins with a resonant monologue

confronting societal labels.

"She's too much"

exploring insecurities lurking in the quiet corners of our rooms.

Yet, within the

transformative power of dance,

authenticity unfolds in a sacred space,

ending the relentless act of shrinking.

The show will be a fusion of diverse belly dance styles,

narrating the emotional journey of women,

together with monologues and powerful visuals resonating with

authenticity, self-love, and the dismantling of societal constraints.



Act 1: The Awakening

Experience "Awakening Grace," a graceful journey of self-discovery.


Act 2: Love Affair with Movement

"Unfolded Authenticity" unveils the power of movement and authenticity through dance. Also featuring "Embracing Every Curve" celebrating the beauty of curves, and "Sensual Sacred Space" where a woman falls in love with herself through a mesmerising Baladi dance,

reclaiming their sensuality.


Act 3: Breaking Chains and Rising Above

Feel liberation in the rhythmic "Rise Above Rhythms" a drum solo defying societal expectations. Also featuring "Born Wild and Untamed" through a powerful Iraqi performance, where women reclaim their right to dance with abandon, moving with the primal energy

coursing through their veins.


Act 4: She's a Bit Too Much

"Extraordinary Force" unfolds the transformative journey

from insecurity to resilience.


Act 5: This is Me

Conclude with a powerful celebration in "A Symphony of Lights,"

where individual brilliance harmonizes into a collective force.

Purple & Black Futuristic Music Flyer Portrait (1).png


Sunday 14th April 2024

Doors open: 7.30pm

Showtime: 8pm

Ticket: £18 

Venue: The St Marylebone Theatre CE School
64 Marylebone High Street

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